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Musings on Military Contracting and the Challenge of Alterity

As I was recently undertaking final corrections to my major paper and beginning to embark on the quest for a job that will allow me to make contributions that I deem valuable as well as to pay off student debt, … Continue reading

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Refuge, Refusal and Consent: how should resettlement agencies treat people seeking refuge?

In Spring 2013 Eskinder Negash, director of the United States Office of Refugee Resettlement, visited Virginia Tech to meet with graduate students and faculty.  During his stay he shared current estimates of the worldwide population of people living displaced, stateless, … Continue reading

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Child Hunger in New Mexico

Depending on the data source one consults, New Mexico is either the poorest or the second poorest state in the United States (Bishaw, 2013). Racial and ethnic populations make the state diverse, but Native Americans and Hispanics are among the … Continue reading

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China’s One-Child Policy Change: Sustaining the Four Modernizations

In order to grow the four modernizations, have just one child.”[1] This quotation and others like it were used in propaganda posters the Chinese national government developed to promote the launch of its “One Child Policy” (the Policy) more than … Continue reading

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