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Exploring the Sociological Agenda – Or, What Do I Want to Do in Sociology?

Before coming to Virginia Tech in August 2013, I earned my bachelor’s degree in Sociology at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow.  I would not say that I fell in love with this discipline immediately as some of my … Continue reading

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The Global Land-grant University – A Reflection of Market or Mission?

Virginia Tech and several of its peer institutions are increasingly using the term “global land-grant” university as a means to describe and to garner support for their emergent international influence and presence.   Virginia Tech’s twenty-one page strategic plan references the … Continue reading

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Re-Framing Social Change: What questions should guide today’s NGO Leaders and social entrepreneurs?

Popular mythology concerning them notwithstanding, any effort to come to grips with the purposes and desired outcomes of today’s nonprofit and nongovernmental (NGO) organizations requires a thorough examination of the complexity of the problems they face, the social systems in … Continue reading

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