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“To live on the soil we cultivate”: Legitimacy and Expediency in Thoreau’s Political Ethics

Questions of ethics and morality help to elucidate important limits to politics and in particular help to provoke discourse on popular governance and legitimacy.  More specifically, stirring political theorists to address questions of ethics and moral theorists to consider questions … Continue reading

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Wading through a sea of voices in an attempt to save the planet

I have been struggling lately to understand the balance of power between citizens and their rulers in governance. I know this is an age-old dilemma long explored by political scientists and philosophers, but it remains a critical concern nonetheless.  The … Continue reading

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Can the platitude “Support the Troops” validate a narrative that promotes the common good?

Steven Salaita, an associate professor of English at Virginia Tech, recently has come under scrutiny for a commentary he wrote, “No, thanks: Stop saying ‘support the troops,’” published in Salon, an online magazine. Salaita argued that uncritically supporting the troops … Continue reading

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Does society have unrealistic expectations of development and philanthropic agencies?

On September 3, Paul Smith, Director of the British Council in the USA and Cultural Counselor at the British Embassy in Washington, DC came to the Virginia Tech Blacksburg campus, thanks to the efforts of the Virginia Tech Language and … Continue reading

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Crises in the Middle East: Exploring the Shaping Role of Leader’s Perceptions

Egypt and Turkey continue to make front-page news, for different reasons. At the heart of much reporting concerning these two nations is the discourse surrounding democratization in the Middle East. A large share of the media analysis focuses on the … Continue reading

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