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The Modern University as A Free and Ordered Space

Giamatti, A.Bartlett, A Free and Ordered Space, The Real World of the University, W.W. Norton & Co. New York, London, 1988  As heated debate about the appropriate role and aims of the university continues today, both within the academy and in … Continue reading

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Exploring the Wellsprings of the ‘Virtue’ in Markets of Virtue

A growing number of Western consumers, increasingly aware of the environmental impacts of business operation, are now using their purchasing power to signal their preference for greener products. In order to preserve their market share, corporations adopt greener practices and report their performance accordingly. Ideally, companies that ignore environmental imperatives will pay dearly with a compromised reputation, a drop in the value of their stock, and/or a loss of market share. The increase in the number of so-called “markets of virtue” is testimony to the extent to which this dialectic between consumers and producers has been successful in influencing business ethics. Continue reading

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Cross-sectoral networks and the Challenge of Disaster Relief Coordination

Having recently completed my doctoral research and with the aim of stimulating discussion on the topic, I reflect here on disaster coordination and cross-sectoral networks. It is precisely this interest that motivated my research to investigate such initiatives for their potential to support improved disaster response, enhancing health resource mobilization in the context of Haiti’s 2010 earthquake. Continue reading

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