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Executive Discretion and the Simulation of Sovereignty in the Immigration Debate

What to do about the nation’s immigration policy is a hot political topic now. Elizabeth Jamison’s discussion on the queering of the Alabama citizenry intrigues me. In particular, I was struck by how she drew on Michel Foucault to argue, “ the citizenry and the immigrant body is a discursive text upon which power is inscribed through law enforcement; a Foucauldian disciplining of the communal body “(Foucault, 1977). Continue reading

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Who Are We, and Who Belongs Here?

I have been pondering a question provoked by a recent Reflections and Explorations commentary by Sarah Lyon-Hill entitled, “How Do We Move Beyond Rhetoric?” How do we generate public rhetoric about the questions that matter? I want to suggest we … Continue reading

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The Story Space

Last week Reva Seth, founder of MomShift (, a media campaign sharing stories of professional mothers, posted a blog in The Atlantic concerning the challenge many young women face today when looking for role models in the professional world. She mentioned a … Continue reading

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