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Revoking the License to Steal

Disclaimer:  The following may or may not include fabrication, exaggeration, or other inaccuracies which, along with the absence of names, are specifically designed to protect the innocent and guilty alike as well as provide comedic effect.  Continue at your own … Continue reading

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American blinders

During the first night of our around-the-world tour of education, I had this overwhelming sense of the arrogance/complacency/stupidity/ignorance/blindness that I have as an American.  I realized somewhere in there just how much I (and I suspect most of us in … Continue reading

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1940?? Really??

I have recently gone through the 1940 document on Academic Freedom and Tenure and found the magic 7 year tenure track number.  This dates back over 70 years?  Wow.  It may be time for an update. Let’s assume that a … Continue reading

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A story of professional ethics

As I have mentioned in class, I have been around a while, working as a professional engineer for many years between my B.S. and M.S./PhD studies.  During that time in the “real world”, I have had the opportunity to serve … Continue reading

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It just makes me sad

In preparation for tonight’s class, I have been reading through materials on research integrity and have to say, the whole topic saddens me.  I like to consider myself a pretty honest guy and like to think that I have the … Continue reading

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The Part-Time Trend

Okay, so I thought more about this on the way home and decided a blog post was in order.  There is something about the statistics on part-time faculty members that just doesn’t sit right with me.  Now, it could be … Continue reading

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The Pre-Prof Grad School Experience

For any familiar with my personal blog, you know that I often come up with seemingly random thoughts that somehow I think warrant blog attention.  For example, what is up with the yoga pants craze?  But it seems that today’s … Continue reading

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A Man on a Mission

Once upon a time, there was a practicing engineer who decided to come back to school on a mission.  To become an engineering professor.  Now along the way, he encountered various adventures, obstacles, rewards, and some really great people.  But … Continue reading

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A Learner-Centered Spring Break

Here it is the 4th day of Spring Break and I am finally getting around to doing something productive.  True, it consisted of looking at things to grade and setting them aside realizing that the key was on campus and … Continue reading

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Another Failure, Another Lesson Learned

It’s Midterm season.  The time of the semester when stresses spike and schedules get busier and Red Bull records record profits.  As a grad student, this is not a favorite season.  In fact, given the option, I would skip it … Continue reading

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