Mediated Musing

Exploring New Media in 2014


Fantic Design

So, back several weeks ago, I stumbled across a Ted Nelson video on YouTube and was intrigued.

Now, having encountered “Computer Lib/Dream Machines,” I’ve become a fan.  So many words and phrases jump of the page.  “Jarring new jargons.”   “Blinded by education.”

On design of systems:  “At worst, I fear these may lock us in:  at best, I hope they can further the individualistic traditions of literature, film and scholarship.  But we must create our brave new worlds with art, zest, intelligence, and the highest possible ideals.”

Cognition and feelings.  The role of emotion in learning.

“The organization of the feelings of the work criss-crosses the cognitive, but we can’t get into it here.”

I believe we need to “get into it.”   That’s for tomorrow.


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