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What is school for?

“What is school for?”, it sounds like a simple question, but what I had an answer is to learn some knowledge and do a good man, including obeying laws and moral rules. Seth Godin just broke my idea into pieces … Continue reading

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Innovation in Educations

After reading the article written by Dan Edelstein, I am really impressed by the role of humanities in innovations. The author suggests that humanities could offer students with the best chances for knowing how to innovate. The traditional perspective in … Continue reading

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Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a rational way to face challenges in our daily life. It can help people to justify what they have done or never seen. The banking theory has listed the learning process for each person: receive, memorize, and … Continue reading

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Digital Learners’ Dilemma in Information Era

With the proliferation of internet and web 2.0, more and more people get used to learning online. They are called “digital learners”. Although we know it is helpful for people to learn efficiently online, we still need traditional way to … Continue reading

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Incentives for Learning

When I prepared the coming course, “Assessment” as a key word inspired lots of reflections for these materials. “The Case Against Grades” highlights the criticism of grading policy in the current educational policy. From a psychology literature, grading is an … Continue reading

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What is Learning?

Learning sometimes is difficult to define. In a traditional opinion, learning is just to simulate and practice. We need to observe others’ actions and start to take actions like them. If you practice may times, you finally master it. Although … Continue reading

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First class in contemporary pedogogy

Dr.Nelson gave us a brief introduction in the first class of contemporary pedagogy course. Based on the introduction, I am expecting to know how to convert learning theories into practice in the coming courses. After the introduction, I talked with … Continue reading

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