Innovation in Educations

After reading the article written by Dan Edelstein, I am really impressed by the role of humanities in innovations. The author suggests that humanities could offer students with the best chances for knowing how to innovate.

The traditional perspective in education considers humanities to cultivate a sense of enabling students to access criteria of human success, or developing some specific skills such as rational analysis, critical thinking and clear speaking skills and so on. However, authors gave three instances to explain the humanities can have important impacts on entrepreneurship. First, humanities could identify and evaluate opportunities to improve the existing situation. Second, the attributes of humanities can help innovation which is found from “whole-brain” research. Third, the statistics also can convince people who attend more humane classes will have more positive results than people who attend the lectures. These analysis presents humanities play an important role in our daily life.

The author also argues different cultures will have different preferences for innovation. He also highlights a framework that the productivity of new artworks or ideas can be thought of according to cultural transmission. This framework is very useful for understanding innovation in education.

Finally, the author conclude that humanities disciplines will not be sure of more innovative results than scientific disciplines. Only do students practice their innovative thinking early, which can help them build their ability to innovate. In another words, students should like to join such processes more often in humanities .

I agree to the author’s opinion. Only students can start to think about questions from their interests coming from humanities, they would like to put more effort in the questions. They will be more possible to have insightful findings and innovative results.

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  1. Homero says:

    I believe the word explains it by itself “humanities” or what in my mind means to be more human, isn’t that the best quality that we all want from our coworkers/employers/employees?

    When I was working in industry recruiting engineers I remember my boss always told me” “look for the people that have a life, that are human, look for people that can cook, play an instrument, or travel the world, those are the candidates we want.” I really think that in order to succeed in the globalized world people from every discipline need to have a balance between the humanities and the sciences.

    Thanks for sharing,


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