First class in contemporary pedogogy

Dr.Nelson gave us a brief introduction in the first class of contemporary pedagogy course. Based on the introduction, I am expecting to know how to convert learning theories into practice in the coming courses.
After the introduction, I talked with my classmates around the same table. Fran is from Spain. How long his full name! And it has a fantastic story behind the name. Casey is from Richmond which I have been to for a couple of times. Yujun is from China and studies human development major. During the discussion, I had a good talk with Fran because he is also a crazy soccer fan. His father has been a fan of Real Madrid for more than 40 years. His major is horticulture that is a type of plant science. I really enjoy talking with all classmates around the table.
Then Dr.Nelson raised the connected learning concept. After she played two videos to explain what it is and why it is popular currently, all classmates joined the discussion about the topic. Some classmates agree that connected learning could lead students to concentrate on teacher’s instructions. Some others raise the question that what should be connected in connected learning. Someone points out connected learning is different online learning. This brainstorming way makes everyone think about more about the topic. This is the first time to hear about connected learning. I would like to spend some more time to know about it considering it maybe help me in mastering more ways to teach students in future.

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