Being Faculty

Being faculty means that you will continue to expand your research topic further, teach students with your expertise knowledge, and participate into professional academic activities that contributes to mission statements of your organization. Different institutions have different philosophy for being faculty. Some are research intensive and they would like to recruit faculties who can conduct independent research studies. Some are teaching driven and most of workload is focusing on working on with students. Some universities would emphasize both of them. Being a faculty in them, you have to be not only a productive researcher, but also a respectful teacher from students. I would like to talk about more details from three perspectives about being faculty: research, teaching and service.
Being a faculty, your research topic is an important area where you can build the depth of your expertise knowledge and reputation. From a researcher perspective, You will be a multi-task taker and you have to structure your time very properly. You have to have a systematic theories to conduct your research behaviors and process your complex problems logically. One of the important implication is to establish your own independent research line which will affect the future research of your graduate students or Post doc students in your academic area. You have to encourage your followers to have unique contributions in their research topics.
Being a teacher, you will have to be an expert in your teaching course. You have to making sure what you are teaching is not only correct but also valuable. After your course, students will feel that the course will help me a lot in my life or career. Since you are a teacher, you maybe teach a course for a whole life. However, you will have to keep your knowledge updated. If possible, you can mentor several students to conduct some course projects which will help student explore their studies by themselves.
Being an participant of professional service, you have to take the responsibility to behave based the mission statement of your department. You will work on your research society which can give your or your organization high visibility in public.

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  1. Xiao Yang says:

    Being faculty includes two major responsibilities, research and teaching. How will you balance teaching and research?

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