Yesterday evening, I had an interesting class about one question how to communicate with others efficiently and effectively. Petty gave us a happy course through several activities, including conversations, games and storytelling. As an international student, I can learn so many communication skills in a comfortable way, not as the usual I have to finish lots of assignments. There are some impressive points about communication as follows.
1. If you want to remember others’ name, repeat and try to link some specific actions or other characteristics of body gestures.
2. Try to communicate with other next time calling his name directly.
3. Try to find some commonality when you tried some conversations with others.
4. Try to focus some talks when you talked with others.
5. Try to use simple words or simple logic to clarify your research topics.

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The 2nd year PhD student @BIT department!
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  1. Kristine Cantin says:

    Thank you for sharing what you learned in your group. It seems our groups covered sightly different topics, and so I enjoyed reading what you learned! I will have to keep the name trick (#1 on your list) in mind- I am terrible remembering names!

  2. Sihui Ma says:

    It was a very funny and impressive class!

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