Networked Learning

Networked learning is something with which I’ve only recently become familiar. The PFP and GEDI classes are the first courses I’ve taken where blogging was incorporated into the coursework. The more I learn about the concept and how it can work in the classroom, the more intrigued I am. There are definitely certain entities in which it works better – a graduate classroom such as GEDI or an undergraduate seminar class where the class is based around discussion of the material. I am curious how I can work blogging into my typical engineering classroom. In my Senior Design classroom that I’m currently working with, I can see a possible application in that they are suppose to keep an online engineering notebook during the course of their design as well as a website. We could incorporate the two things together with a blog portion of their website in which they control the narrative of their design project and process. In my intro to BSE course, however, I feel like Twitter might be a better option for integrating networked learning. I am not a big twitter person. I have an account but I haven’t used it for years. My handle still includes my maiden name so I think I might have to make a new one for my future career. Utilizing Twitter I could share articles about different things BSE engineers are doing, possibly facilitate class discussion, as well as tweet other insights during the regular guest lectures for the class. Utilizing Twitter is actually something I had never really seriously considered before this discussion but I think could possibly really engage my students in the classroom next year.

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  1. Haoran Wei says:

    Nice post! GEDI and PFP are also the first two classes I have been taken that require blogging. I have been thinking how blogging can improve my career as a teacher. To now, nothing has come up to my mind. But I would admit that I have learnt a lot of things about higher education through writing the blogs.

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