Internet addiction?

When I read the articles about disconnection from the internet, and how the internet has altered people’s mental habits, I immediately thought about the topic internet addiction. China has a big issue of young generation addicting to the internet. Some young kids play video games online days and night in internet cafes without even eating any food. Some college students are addicted to the internet so much that their academic performance gets poorer and poorer to the extent they are forced to drop out of school. Li, secretary-general of the top legislature in China, claimed that about 10 percent of the estimated 40 million Chinese children using the Internet were addicted. China is the first country to issue the definition of internet addiction. Many boot camps throughout the nation have been established to help kick Internet addiction. Children and teenagers were forced to and tricked by their parents into the boot camps. Korea has the same issue, and it’s developed a curriculum to teach children as young as 3 years old how to protect themselves from overusing digital gadgets and the Internet.

We have to admit, the evolution of internet has done a tremendous job of creating a more convenient life style. However, if excessively used, is it really helping us or destroying us? I have to admit that I’m addicted to the internet or to the computer without choice. I get most of my work done on the computer, I get the news and information around the world through my smart phone or the internet, and I relax myself and have entertainment on the computer. I spent most of my day sitting in front of the computer. Luckily I have two dogs I need to walk, that is some time I have to step away from the computer. Although I might be checking my phone while walking the dogs. The world is getting ironic in the way that people actually think it is a meaningful way to connect with people and places around us through internet.

At last, please enjoy some comics about the internet addiction.

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  1. Very interesting post. Addiction is such an intriguing and controversial subject, but I definitely can see what you’re saying. I absolutely understand that addiction is very different from person to person, but even in saying that I am guilty at times of thinking people should “just get over it.” I hate the mentality of “I don’t have a problem with this, so that means neither should you,” but in any form of addiction there has to be ownership and a desire to better oneself. Getting help for something such as internet addiction may be necessary, but I hope people are able to see with their own eyes the importance of life outside of the internet (i.e. our family, friends, pets, etc…) because others cannot see for you.

    1. Yesim, This’s not my blog. But I like this blog as much as you do. It highlights the issues right now concerns parents, teachers and the governments. But my view on technology is that it is a tool, the key question lays on human, how we use these tools. If we use it wisely, we can benefit from it. Take E-commerce for example. It is huge in China. Several of the top E-commerce platform companies (Alibaba and Ctrip) were just listed in NASDAQ. Internet has been the savior of China’s economy.

      Also, Yesim. I like your link about “China’s Web Junkies’. I personally know people who were there before. But the main reason of addiction is there is no other fun and engaging alternatives. Schools are boring. No teacher is concerned about inspiring students like we do in this class. Some kids who play video game are really talented. I believe, if we can care about more of students needs, make teaching as inspiring as the games, the kids can use their talent on to more creative things.

  2. Nice post! I really enjoyed the comics. I think internet addiction is definitely a problem! It could viewed similarly to video game addiction. I’m not sure how to solve this problem however – as the world becomes more internet-based, even our social lives are more internet-based now. How do you disconnect, and at the same time maintain your career and social lives? It is a tough question to answer. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Nice post – love the comics. Internet addiction is a real thing. It’s crazy to see how hooked some people can get to it. I think people can also get addicted to their work. There have been times where I didn’t get up from my desk for about 10 hours because I was so focused, cognitively that was a bad move. I think that its important for us to give our brains a break now and again. I like to try and schedule reminders to take a break, sometimes they crop up at bad times, but hey its just a reminder that your brain needs to chillax just like your muscles do when you’re running or something.

  4. Thank you for your post. I believe that technology depends on how we use it. It’s us who determine whether it’s good or not. For example we could use nuclear power to generate electricity or to create a bomb. Same thing with the internet, it has a lot of advantages and a few disadvantages. We should use it for it’s advantages and stay away from things that don’t present any benefits for us.

  5. It’s a great post! I agree with Rabih. This social phenomenon is not the fault of the technology, but because of that people do not use the technology properly. For the technology, we could use it good and use it bad. For these people who are addict to using internet, they may be obsess with other stuff if they don’t have access to internet.

  6. I really enjoyed the comic relief there at the end of your post, in addition to the great point that you made about internet addiction. I would even argue that it is not just an addiction to the internet, but to technology in general. I wonder if society has played a part in causing us to feel so heavily dependent on these things because of the pressure to always be ‘in the know’ of what’s going on in the world and constantly connected to those around us. I remember growing up when there were certain hours that you couldn’t call someone’s house after, because it was seen as rude and an intrusion on their personal time. Then I compare it to now when we get emails from our students well after midnight, expecting to get an answer before class in the morning. I think things start to get out of hand and internet addiction comes into play is that it almost guilts us into thinking we actually have to respond immediately.

  7. I might sound horrible to some for saying this, but when you said “Some young kids play video games online days and night in internet cafes without even eating any food”, I couldn’t help but laugh. Nevertheless, I side halfway with your concern that the internet may be corrupting our way of thinking. BUT, I must say, I’ve never liked libraries much.

    When I was in elementary school, my parents didn’t have a computer, and internet browsers were placed on floppy disks and internet use was sold in packages of hours needed. Therefore, going to a library was necessary to do book reports. My long passionate hatred for books resorted in my discuss with libraries. Thankfully now I can use Google Scholar to find sources in minutes which in the past may have taken hours to days. In general, life seems better with new technology. The next major leap might be to plug us in and upload information directly to our brains (from the Matrix).

  8. Internet addiction is definitely a thing! As mentioned in this article : , and elsewhere, addiction is caused more by the environment and not the substance. If the real environment is not as meaningful or entertaining, we turn to the substance that we are addicted to, which in this case is the internet. This leads to your point that ‘the world is becoming ironic’ because we choose digital connections over real ones. And in your case, the part of your reality that helps you fight the addiction are your dogs. I think it’s crucial to ponder over the question of how to make our real worlds so exciting that we don’t have to spend our entire lives in the digital world.

  9. Nice post! I very enjoyed the pics. I deliberation net addiction is decidedly a head! It could viewed likewise to video game addiction. I’m not sure how to solve this head notwithstanding – as the world becomes more internet-based, even our unsocial lives are more internet-based now.

  10. Nice post! I very enjoyed the pics. I deliberation net addiction is decidedly a head! It could viewed likewise to video game addiction. I’m not sure how to solve this head notwithstanding – as the world becomes more internet-based, even our unsocial lives are more internet-based now.

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