Are the engineering students whom we graduated qualified as engineers?

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Transcripts should certify the ability of the students. A degree in engineering should tell the graduate qualifies the job in this area. But now I can see the degree now is not as strong as it was.

There were several movements all over the world to make higher education more accessible to every. One side effect that came with those movements is the bachelor degree become a necessary for young people to find a job. And one criterion to separate the wheat from the chaff for the HR in the market is GPA of the student. This side effect makes the GPA become a matter of “life or death” for the students. Then one or two students begged for a higher grade at a certain time or situation. Then it won’t be fair to other students who did not get the privilege. To make everyone happy, the A and B students got “A”s in the end. The rest of the students shifted to a higher grade and only a few students failed. But the D students should not even get into the universities when higher education was still a highly competitive resource.

Someone may argue that that more educated people in the population is a good phenomenon: the country becomes a more civilized place. Is that true? Higher GPAs keep students stay at school longer. The overall inflated GPA devalued the diplomas. More students go to graduate school for a higher degree to show that they are qualified for non-research-involved jobs.

Metrics should be developed by a joint workforce from higher education and industries to show the value of the GPA in different universities. By doing this, the graduates won’t have the false confidence to conduct or to judge the work that they are not qualified of.

Do not use “excellent” to describe good students. Keep the “excellence” as excellence. I think that’s what should be changed in the future universities: stop the unnecessary changes.

2 thoughts on “Are the engineering students whom we graduated qualified as engineers?

  1. webbm says:

    Thanks for posting this blog. Your last words pointed out a very important problem:
    “stop the unnecessary changes.” It is true that students should be grade oriented and the school should be more on how they can provide a more practical area for students.

  2. dinagadalla says:

    Although grade inflation definitely decreases the quality of students graduating, I hope that they are at least qualified as engineers (of course ones that have the minimal required skills). since expectations are held that faculty will only pass students if they acquire understandings of basic concepts-

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