Great Learning and what does it mean to be a scholar?

What does it mean to be a scholar?

There is a book called the Great Learning. The name of this book in Chinese is same as the word “University” in Chinese. For the past one thousand years, many Chinese scholars used the thoughts in this book to guide their goals. The highest goal in this book is to spread one’s thoughts all over the world. To achieve this goal, a scholar or a scholar to be should follow a path by achieving certain objectives. Those objectives reflect the different level of requirement for a scholar. I think the objectives also fit into nowadays scholars’ requirements.

A scholar should gain certain knowledge by studying or conducting research. This is the basics of a scholar. This is also most people’s first impression or even definition of a scholar. This is the aspect of understanding the physical world.

The reason why they need to gain knowledge is to learn the philosophy that can be applied into daily life so that they can become better persons. This is to have a good relationship with themselves.

Then they should deal with others. They start with their families because they know their families well. The good relationships between them and their families are based on their good personalities that they developed along their studies. After being able to handle families issues well, they need to be able to manage others up to the national level.

After all these being successfully done, they are ready to spread their thought all over the world.

A professor in a research university usually have duties on research, service, and teach. Correspondingly, a scholar should be knowledgeable and with good manners (research), be able to manage and serve a certain community (service), be able to spread their thoughts (teach).

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