Open Access

I’m in transportation engineering. Some, but not all, of the journals or conference proceedings now offer open access option. Transportation Research Part A through Part F followed this trend and support open access. Transportation Research was a journal from the UK. As each topic in Transportation became more profound and independent, this journal became six journals each focus on one topic. The six journals are now owned by Elsevier. Now take Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies for example.

Transportation Research Part C focuses on the research that addressing “development, applications, and implications, in the field of transportation, of emerging technologies from such fields as operations research, computer science, electronics, control systems, artificial intelligence, and telecommunications, among others.”

This journal offers open access option for authors. The public can download the open access papers without login. This journal is now partnering with Heliyon. Heliyon is an open access journal from Elsevier that publishes peer-reviewed research in all disciplines.

Now some researchers in transportation field put their data and code online to expedite peers’ understanding of their work. In my mind, the code should be more of a prototype than camera-ready. The non-open-accessed code used to create a barrier that needs experience and reputation to break through. This barrier can protect the quality of the publications.

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