As My First Semester Ends, My Second Begins

Last month, I finished my first semester on the tenure-track.  It was a very busy semester, but a happy and productive one as well.  I taught courses in General Psychology and Personality Psychology, submitted 3 manuscripts for publication, submitted and had 6 posters accepted to international conferences, advised students, served on committees, volunteered in the residential colleges, and attended as many professional development workshops as I could find.  I also made incredible friends and found fantastic mentors.  I’m tired, but I’m incredibly proud of all that I accomplished with the help of supportive colleagues.


Now I’m gearing up for my second semester.  I learned a lot from the mistakes of my first semester.  Yes, I’m perfectly happy in admitting my mistakes.  This was a new role for me, and I was bound to find some teaching and research strategies that, though they had worked in the past, were not suited for this environment.  But I’m excited about implementing changes that will allow for me to continue doing what works very well and to improve upon those areas that were less successful.


Just like my students, I am learning.  It’s fun to learn, and I look forward to transforming myself into a seasoned, tenured professor.


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