Being a Caring Professor to Improve Graduate Engagement

This week is another busy week.  I’ve just submitted my students’ final grades, and I’m preparing to have family in town for my hooding on Friday.  Whew!

Just a quick post today to share an article from the Chronicle that shows how caring professors impact their students long after college.  In fact, having caring professors can improve engagement in one’s job after graduation.

College professors can positively impact their students’ outcomes by demonstrating some key characteristics:

College graduates had double the odds of being engaged at work and three times the odds of thriving in Gallup’s five elements of well-being if they had had “emotional support”—professors who “made me excited about learning,” “cared about me as a person,” or “encouraged my hopes and dreams.”

Yet many don’t:

The bad news, in Mr. Busteed’s view, based on Gallup’s findings, is that colleges have failed on most of those measures. For example, while 63 percent of respondents said they had encountered professors who got them fired up about a subject, only 32 percent said they had worked on a long-term project, 27 percent had had professors who cared about them, and 22 percent had found mentors who encouraged them.

So how do you, blogosphere, encourage, excite, and support your students?  And how do you encourage others to do the same?

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