Winding Down

Life has been hectic lately.  I was in the very fortunate position of traveling the country for job interviews and conferences while also putting the finishing touches on my dissertation.  While all of my data collection was completed on campus at Virginia Tech during the summer and fall semesters and the winter holiday, my writing had a less straight-forward path.  The results section was written mostly in a combination of conference hotel lobbies and coffee shops.  The discussion was completed in a total of 14 different states, in airports, in hotel lobbies, on various campuses, and even in the air flying across the country.  There were many sleepless nights during which time I wasn’t sure that it was all going to come together.

But it did.

I successfully defended my dissertation on March 21st, and I submitted a final draft of the document to the graduate school soon after, thus completing all of the requirements for my PhD.

So, with that one day, my whole life changed.  I’m Dr. {Psychobabble}.

There are still plenty of lose ends that need to be tied here.  IRB protocols to extend for data analysis, grant reports to file, documents to be turned into manuscript publications, and a semester of teaching to bring to a close.  Next, there will be many preparations for my new faculty life.  It’s exciting to begin the process of writing syllabi and finding textbooks again, and this time it gets to be supplemented by house-hunting and finding new friends.

It’s an exciting time, blogosphere.


Are you finding equal excitement in the end of the semester and the sunshine that springtime brings?


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