New Beginnings

This has been a semester with the promise of many new beginnings.  I’m fast approaching the end of my time at Virginia Tech, but I know that there are many good experiences ahead of me as I transition from a PhD student to an academic career woman.

Wednesday of this week was a big day for my dissertation.  I recruited the final child for my dissertation.  And, following a week of heavy data collection, by next Tuesday I’ll only have 4 children left to see.  Add to this that I also found out Wednesday that I have won an APA Dissertation Research Award!  It’s incredibly encouraging to have such a prestigious group believing in my project and supporting me through it, and, when combined with my previous awards, this award will fully cover the cost of my dissertation.  What a relief!

At the same time as the dissertation comes to an end, my adventures on the job market are beginning to pick up.  The fantastic job ads keep pouring in, and I continue to submit applications just as quickly.  I’ve had a couple of interviews that have begun to make the process seem very real.  I’m very excited about the prospect of moving on and beginning to make working with students a more central part of my day-to-day life.

It seems, then, that this girl-who-doesn’t-like-transitions-very-much has found a very welcome transition to the next stage in life.  And it’s very exciting.  :)


credit: fostercityblog

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