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Philip Olson, Ph.D. Department of Science & Technology in Society Virginia Tech

PHILIP OLSON              STSS

I take a PHILOSOPHICAL STS approach to research at the intersections of

  • Technology Studies and Body Studies
  • Bioethics (and other areas of applied ethics)
  • Critical Medical Humanities
  • Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Social Epistemology and Expertise

Dobscha book



Lately, I have focused on two areas of research having to do with TSEPcover 1..2technologies and the body

  1. Funeral Technologies
    1. Alkaline Hydrolysis (Science, Technology & Human Values, 2014)
    2. Necro-Waste (Social Epistemology, 2015)
    3. The Home Funeral Movement (Journal of Medical Humanities, 2016)
  2. Civilian Drone Technologies
    1. co-PI for “Airing Concerns: A Data-Driven Approach to the Ethics of UAV,” an internally funded research grant to study ethical concerns or interests in the integration of UAS (drone) technologies into U.S civilian airspace.
    2. “There’s Always a Man in the Loop,” by Phil Olson and Christine Labuski (in progress)


Prior Research

Other research projects have included a study of how epistemic burdens get distributed within communities when new technologies are introduced into those communities.

I have also published articles in virtue epistemology, feminist epistemology, and virtue ethics.

(See CV for a complete list of publications)