Blue Lives, Blurred Lines

Pity the plight of the po-lice
In court they look so awfully sad
Guilty until proven innocent
It’s political correctness gone mad

Pity the plight of the po-lice
Don’t act if you can’t do the time
If we lock them away for the rest of their life
They’ll think twice before committing a crime

Their riot gear is starting to crumble
Their tear gas has long since expired
Can’t do our jobs anymore, they mumble
To fire is to risk getting fired

A face of mace, a kick in the groin
Choked and pinned to the floor
Immigrants, criminals, what’s the difference?
We’ll find out once we kick down your door

These bastards deserve nothing less
Plead the fifth, plead for mercy, plead for more
The thin blue line meets the man with no name
Don’t you know we’re the good guys? they implore

Pity the plight of the po-lice
Keep your hands up, coz we shoot to kill
A high school dropout, bullied as a kid
Revenge is sweet, it’s a thrill

Pity the plight of the po-lice
Without us, they angrily hiss
The world would descend into chaos
But let’s hope chaos is better than this

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