Evolution in the Anthropocene

Welcome to the blog series Unnatural Histories!

Life is an interwoven tapestry, a majestic work of art, both through time and across space. In our struggle for self preservation, we tug at the threads of life and distort the carefully crafted images therein. In doing so we threaten our own existence, for humanity is very much a part of this intricate fabric. There is still time before life is in tatters, but we have already left an indelible mark.

This collection of essays will feature stories spanning the breadth of the animal kingdom, documenting the often unintentional influences of human beings on the natural world. By studying the tears and inkblots inflicted by human civilization we learn something of the structure of nature, how things are put together. We also gain insight into how best to preserve and possibly restore such a marvelous composition before it is too late.


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