An impressive lunge in the equally impressive Peak District National Park, Yorkshire, UK

My name is George Brooks. I am currently a post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation at Virginia Tech in the United States.

I recently completed my PhD at Virginia Tech investigating population dynamics of flatwoods salamanders and developing recovery plans for threatened and endangered amphibians. My post-doctoral research explores life history variation in ectotherms in the context of broad-scale conservation efforts.

Before moving to America, I studied as an undergraduate at the University of Sheffield in England. I stayed on at Sheffield to obtain a master’s degree in phylogenetics under the supervision of Dr. Gavin Thomas. My research investigated the macroevolutionary consequences of parity mode in squamate reptiles.

During breaks in my education, I have worked as an environmental control adviser for Biffa Waste Services Limited, and have collaborated on projects with researchers from Penn State and the University of Groningen. Outside of work, my life is dominated by music; I play guitar, piano, and harmonica as much as physically possible.

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