Research Interests

In general I have a lot of areas I’m passionate about and my research topics vary depending on which project I’m working on.  I worked in the non-profit development sector for many years before turning to hospitality management as a permanent long term career.

In the undergraduate years, much of my research was focused on the political climate in developing countries.  Most specifically the countries of Mexico and Ecuador were of importance.  For that reason after  university I moved to Washington DC and interned at two very influential organizations to further my knowledge base.  I worked on the implications of the expedited removal process and also lifting the travel embargo to Cuba.

During my Master’s level education I focused primarily on issues pertaining to hospitality management such as marketing, management issues (employee retention/engagement), and executive leadership.  Please find attached a link to a project I competed on the implication of what would happen to the hospitality industry if the US lifted the travel embargo to Cuba.  It has been downloaded over 1,500 times.

Currently in the PhD program at Virginia Tech my main focus of research and interest is in management practices that US companies should employ when the Cuban market becomes open for business.  Most importantly, developing a model framework that can be utilized that will benefit both the management team and employees due to the diversity that will be experienced between the two cultures.