Regression loss during breaks…..not so much in a PhD program……

Most undergraduates on Thanksgiving break were enjoying family, food, and festivities.   There is plenty of research that speaks to regression and a loss of skills during breaks in the academic school year for students.  Students with learning disabilities are more highly proportionately affected by longer breaks.  Teachers and parents can combat this regression by encouraging activities throughout the break which reinforce topics learned in the semester.

Meanwhile other PhD colleagues and myself were busy hammering away on projects, final  papers, and presentations.  Not a moment to lose because once break ended there were only 2.5 weeks left before the end of class.  Deadlines loomed and advancement on work had to happen or we knew that we’d be pulling all nighters very soon.  I thought this paradox between undergraduate and PhD level was interesting and worth talking about.


Cheers, Lehi


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  1. Tyler Quick

    Interesting post. I’ve certainly lost my fair share of knowledge over breaks. It certainly makes breaks more fun though when you can just not think about school though. Our previous school district in Seattle started the school year the end of September so their finals were actually the week or two after break and I always felt bad for the kids since I know I would have forgotten everything by that point in time. Apparently they had something there though. Anyway, I can’t think of how you could help undergrads carry knowledge across semester breaks other than spring semester teachers giving work in advance, but that sounds awful. I guess that means we just need to be proactive and keep our brains active during our breaks on our own.

  2. galenolmsted1

    Yeah totally! We should work even more during class breaks to optimize our performance!

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