Innovation and technology in the classroom…..a new era….

An article I recently read was on the topic of innovation in the classroom in higher education.  I primarily focused on the discussion regarding “flipped classrooms” because this was a recent experience in one of my own seminars here at VT.  I had never heard of the term before so I was interested to find out why we were doing it.  It is a new model in higher education in which the students spend time discussing or presenting topic ideas and the professor acts more as a facilitator than an educator.

Often times in a seminar students are “spoken” at and not actively involved in the information that is presented.   The flipped classroom model allows the students to process a complex problem or subject matter and then teach it back to their colleagues in a language that is interesting and one they understand.

I personally enjoyed my own flipped classroom experience so I’m happy to see this is an education model that is being explored in a more rigorous manner across the system as a whole.


Cheers, Lehi


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  1. quick28

    Sounds like a cool concept. One of our professors begins every class by having a student give a 5 minute presentation summarizing the previous lecture and a case study/practical application/etc related to the topic. It’s actually been a nice way to see student’s perspectives on topics and to force me to learn more on some topics. I’m not sure how it would go if the whole semester and entire lecture was student presentations, but I do like the idea of getting students more involved in teaching and leading discussions.

    • Lehi Dowell

      Hahahaha………I agree with you completely. When teaching I always do a daily “hot topic” presentation where the students present to the class. This built their public speaking skills, encouraged student participation, and most importantly helped them understand how it feels to be standing in front of 15 people trying to keep their attention! LOL!


      Cheers, Lehi

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