Future of the University…..what will higher education look like in 2030…..


The article I read today really had me thinking about the future of the university and our higher education system in general.  It started out talking about how a few years ago the media compared “the imminent future of 2015” as depicted in Back To The Future Part II and the actual advancements at the time.  One major thing that was omitted was the invention of the internet or better known as the world wide web.  What if as we discuss this topic now we miss such a critical component of the future university?!?  Can we expand our minds and be creative enough to think that far outside the box?

The article states that we might not have anyone to teach because the jobs we are preparing students for currently, might be done by robotics.  It also speaks about how most classes will be taught online.  Obviously, those requiring labs such as in the sciences or medical field will still have to have on campus curriculum.  The current rage is “flipping the classroom” in which students lead the discussion and the teacher takes on more of an advisory role.  Will this reverse in 2030 as the pedagogical pendulum swings back to a more autocratic institution?  Knowledge is advancing at such a rapid pace it is questionable to think that professors will have the base to educate students without themselves first going back to school.  Finally, problem focused research and interdisciplinary collaborations must happen because the world is becoming more and more interconnected.

I really enjoyed reading these viewpoints, although some of them were a little too doomsday for my taste.  I thought the “imagery” of the pendulum swinging back and forth helped me put things into perspective.


Cheers, Lehi

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