Opportunity knocks……so dust off that passport!!

Good morning everyone,

I am honored and humbled to be a part of this exciting group, the Global Perspectives Program!  I purchased my journal the other day and realized that within a few months it will be filled with the nuances of different cultures and life experiences.  Traveling allows us to meet new people who become life long friends and will help us each to realize how resilient we are as individuals yet so dependent on strangers to do something as mundane as getting on the right train at the right time!  Travel to me means adventure, gives perspective to my way of knowing, and shakes things up enough to motivate me to move forward in research with new passion and vision.

I’m looking forward to learning about higher education institutes in a society where the system is free and gaining a better understanding of the value those societies place on the social sciences and humanities.  In the USA those areas are often underfunded and looked down upon.  I’m curious how that paradigm plays out in Europe.


Cheers, Lehi

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