Trump gets racial……again……

Once again Trump has single handedly fueled racial tensions and encouraged an environment of elitism for white Americans with a few key strokes on his Twitter account.  In the days following the destructive path of Hurricane Maria, which knocked out power to the entire island of Puerto Rico, the administration has received widespread criticism of how slowly they have reacted to and handled the disaster’s aftermath.

The mayor of Puerto Rico went on television and discussed why the US needs to do more to help.  After hearing a press secretary call the disaster a “great media story” the mayor lost her composure and said some frank statements about how the administration must do better in helping her island nation.  Some of the statements got back to President Trump and he immediately took to Twitter.  As normal, he retaliated with inflammatory ideology, some of which equated all Puerto Ricans as “lazy, unhelpful, and not community focused”.   The tripe stereotype of Latinos being “lazy” has been over played and well documented.  Shame on him for even going there.

This is a moment in time when citizens and communities need to unite, help each other out, and overcome the devastation to rebuild a great country.


Cheers, Lehi


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3 Responses to Trump gets racial……again……

  1. wejdan

    I agree with you all of us have to come together, people who are affected by this and who aren’t, this is how we can get all voices to be heard.

  2. erinleighvt

    Shake my head. Yea, I agree with you as well. It is sad that we have an administration that clearly views some people as “better” than others. Puerto Rico is a US territory as well, so yea, we should help them (and even if PR wasn’t US territory, we should help them as good people). Plus, PR is in ruins — it’s hard to fix all of that quickly!

  3. ehernandez

    I have the strong urge to block him on Twitter, because EVERY TWEET is infuriating. So quick to insult and place blame on everyone else. You’re right, that is not what our energy should be going towards right now. This negative energy is a waste of time.

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