Transgender people are sterilized in Japan……

One of the most shocking reports I’ve read recently was with regard to transgender people living in Japan who must undergo sterilization in order to have their identified gender legally recognized.  They must also register and list themselves as someone living with a mental disorder.  In March 2017, Tomoya Hosoda, a 25-year-old Japanese transgender man, won election to his city council and made history as he was the first transgender to win an election in Japan.

Hopefully, by being in a position of visibility he will assist with improving the image and acceptance of transgender people in Japan.  Sometimes even just by meeting someone who represents a minority assists in changing values and ways of thinking.  I simply can’t imagine the trauma and pain an individual must go through to be sterilized.  To imagine this is a requirement in a first world country  is mind boggling.


Cheers, Lehi


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3 Responses to Transgender people are sterilized in Japan……

  1. Erika

    That is really weird. It’s also sad that they have to list themselves as having a mental disorder. I don’t like that. I am also hopeful that Tomoya Hosoda can help make this problem known.

  2. nordicgod

    Yes, weird would be an understatement. In the best case scenario it would be debilitating. I do believe his public presence will assist with the endeavor. Cheers, Lehi

  3. Fitna&Nur

    Thanks for educating us about this. I didn’t know about this before reading your post.

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