Hate crimes on the rise…..conflict resolution needed….


As a diversity class we are more prone to latch onto public commentary regarding hate-crimes.  According to the article the FBI has reported an increase of 5% in total hate-crimes reported from 2015 to 2016.  On a personal note I’m positive this percent will double once the numbers are in for the year 2017.

Hate-crime motivations:  anti-Black (50%), anti-Hispanic (10.4%);   anti-Jewish (54.2%), anti-Muslim (24.8%); and, anti-gay (62.8%), anti-Lesbian (21.5%).  In total, approximately 7,300 hate crimes were reported and give us cause to be concerned.  The current administration is running on a campaign of separatism and misogyny; encouraging a fear based approach to local politics and  international relations.  Let’s hope the reins get drawn in before the hate crimes triple or double.


Cheers, Lehi


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  1. erinleighvt

    I agree — I think the totals for 2017 will be much higher than for last year. Having a President who appears to encourage creating boundaries (literally and figuratively) has fueled a fire that is now burning uncontrollably.

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