IGEPs in the future

As a student in Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program (IGEP) Remote Sensing program at Virginia Tech, I was asked to fill out the information required for the IGEP annual report. I think our team did very well and I learn a lot by enrolling this program. I love to work with a interdisciplinary team to get broad ideas for my research. As I know, other students in this program also love it. When I am looking for academic jobs, interdisciplinarity is a major consideration of faculty/research positions. I am glad I was trained to do interdisciplinary research.

This is the third year for many IGEPs and the VT community is strongly looking at IGEP as a potential model for the Destination Areas. I am curious about IGEPs’ performances and the future directions of these program.


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  1. Definitely the existance of interdisciplinary majors can raise the quality of research, improve the creativity and bring new ideas in to effect.

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