Mentoring in Geography

Our department, department of Geography, is interviewing candidates for department head this month. One of the candidate, Dr. Thomas Mote is a good model for mentoring. As head of the department of Geography at the University of Georgia, he worked with leaders of student organization in geography, discussed about what department and faculty can support undergraduate and graduate students. He encouraged students to apply internship positions which made the department keeps a good connection with some related organizations/companies. He went to specific conference sessions about challenges and opportunities for geography and shared the thoughts with the department, then faculties could adjust their mentoring strategies and students could adjust their needs.

Isaac Newton’s epigram about “standing on the shoulders of giants” is sometimes invoked in the context of mentorship. I can work toward him to build my own mentoring relationships.


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  1. I also believe that faculty members should have more mentoring role compare to advising role. This will help students much more through their graduate studies to overcome the problems cause I believe most of the challenges graduate students face are more general rather than research vise.

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