Presidential Global Scholars

A unique opportunity to make yourself interesting

Presidential Global Scholars - A unique opportunity to make yourself interesting

You Can’t Join Our Club

What’s your opinion on Turkey joining the EU? Do you think the Turkey will join the EU? Is joining the EU something you see Turkey doing in the future? Though this was the question my group was supposed to be thinking and asking about going into our ten days in Turkey, it seemed like everyone […]

Turkey: Energy and the Caucasus

Before our week in Turkey, we looked at how Turkey managed its energy needs and how the Caucasus played a part in that. Although our trip illuminated some different aspects of the issue, it served mainly to reinforce many of our previous findings. For instance, Turkey’s need for fuel was demonstrated most clearly by the(…)

Turkey’s EU Accession: A Turkish Perspective

While in Turkey, we had the opportunity to talk to several people from various walks of life, including both common citizens and political scholars.  While they disagreed on the likelihood of Turkey successfully joining the European Union, they all agreed on an important point: It doesn’t really matter. The path to EU Accession is a […]

A Time in Turkey

When we arrived, it was dark outside. Only the startlingly bright stars above and the bobbing phone flashlights lit meandering dirt road in front of us, our group completely alone in the moonless night for the first time since living in Europe. There was no lights in the distance of any direction, and the environment(…)

Turkey’s perspectives on Israel and Palestine.

While in Turkey, we had a short chance to talk to Satvet and Caner about the middle east peace process. According to Satvet, Turkey has had a long history of supporting Palestine. Turkey has cultural and historical bonds to Palestine. Since 1995, turkey has offered financial help to Palestine in the amount of over $180,000,000 […]

Turkey: The Caucasus and Energy

  While traveling through Turkey, I saw many examples of energy being produced and harnessed. Wind turbines sat in majestic clumps along the roadsides, solar panels dotted the rooftops of many of the houses and stores that we passed, and impressively large dams could be seen producing hydroelectric power. Based on our previous research, we(…)