Presidential Global Scholars

A unique opportunity to make yourself interesting

Presidential Global Scholars - A unique opportunity to make yourself interesting

Turkey: A Land in the Middle

Blue disks with layered colors of white, light blue, then dark blue in teardrop shapes hang from the ceiling. An American TV show that escapes my name plays quietly from the corner, Turkish subtitles underlining the video. Tomatos, olives and cheese to my left; black tea maker and cups to my right. It’s been mentioned before,(…)

Turkey: Where East Meets West

 Turkey occupies a very unique position in the world, as a literal bridge between Europe and Asia.  Cutting through Istanbul and more of western Turkey are the Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits, an incredibly important passage connecting the Black Sea to the Aegean Sea and the rest of the world.  Not only does it lie where […]

Make It Rain

Like many others, my perception of gold mining was that it was an enterprise that benefits societies economically, but damages it environmentally. Hearing news reports everyday about how damaged the environment is due to the mining of natural resources definitely … Continue reading

Ovacik: A Golden Example of Mining

Prior to visiting the gold mine in Ovacik, my only perceptions of mining in general were more tied to coal mining. Whenever I thought of mining, I immediately pictured scenes from the film Coal Miner’s Daughter. I envisioned coal dust coating everything and causing the workers terrible health problems, like lung cancer. I always had(…)

Visit to Ovacik

Before our visit to the Ovacik Gold Mine in Turkey, I didn’t know much about mining. I knew that giant holes were dug in the ground, and the dirt taken from those holes was refined in the hopes of finding precious metals or gemstones. I had heard that this had a huge negative effect on(…)

Tupac&Biggie eat Turkey sandwiches

East vs. West. When I hear that, my mind can’t help but to wander to my adolescent days in my room on the 6th floor of Ridgewood Apartments with my mother’s headphones jammin’ to Tupac and Biggie, arguably the producers of one of the biggest hip hop beefs to date, east coast vs. west coast.  […]

More Turkey Stuff

During the many weeks of class that we discussed the various past and present issues in Turkey, they all have an underlying east vs. west theme. Whether it’s the current energy crisis, the Middle East peace process or the foundation and construction of Ephesus, this theme remains prevalent.   Walking through Ephesus and Pergamon, I(…)

Perceptions of Mines and Mining.

I grew up in southwest Virginia. Blacksburg may not be mine country but it’s a stones throw from West Virginia which has one of the largest coal mining industries in the United States. I have seen first hand some of the destruction that mining does to the environment (e.g. Mountain-top removal and filling of valleys […]