Communicating Science Week Set for March 16-22; Nutshell Games Moved to March 19

This photo shows a closely packed crowd of laughing people reaching their hands out to clasp the hands of others.
In March we’ll be celebrating the 5th anniversary of the opening celebration of the Center for Communicating Science. Will there be another round of Massive Multi-Player Thumb Wrestling? Photo courtesy of Alexandra Freeze.

The 5th anniversary of the opening celebration for the Center for Communicating Science is approaching, and we are making plans! Please mark your calendars for March 16 through 22 and join us for Communicating Science Week. Our goal is to showcase faculty and graduate student efforts to connect with communities, collaborate to solve urgent problems, and build relationships and share research with people outside the “ivory tower” of academia.

The mission of the Center for Communication Science is to create and support experiences for scientists, engineers, scholars, and health professionals to build muscles of connection, communication, and collaboration. We aim to help researchers make their communication more personal, direct, spontaneous, and responsive. And we know that many of you are good at this!

We’ll be sending out some specific invitations to participate, but please consider this a general invitation: If you are involved in outreach, community engagement, collaborations with folks outside the university, research communication, and other efforts to build relationships of trust and reciprocity with the experts who aren’t on campus (that means all human beings, as we are all experts at something!), we’d love to hear about it. Please send an email to center director Patty Raun ( so we can begin brainstorming about how to include you in our celebration of this important work.

If you’re the coordinator of a seminar or lecture series in your department, program, or college, we ask that you consider reserving the seminar slot during that week for a speaker, workshop, or event related to communicating science. Again, please email Patty Raun with your availability, and we’ll work with you to fill the spot.

We’re also moving the Nutshell Games, our 90-second graduate student research talks competition, to March for this year. We opened the center with the first-ever Nutshell Games, and we want to celebrate our 5th anniversary with this fun community event. Graduate students, hang onto your great 90-second talk ideas and look for a registration announcement in January!

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