Center Thanks Spring Interns, Welcomes Fall

This photo shows the head and shoulders of a young white person with dyed blue hair, sunglasses, and a big smile. The background is a stone wall.
Center for Communicating Science student intern RJ Loyd. Photo courtesy of RJ Loyd.

We are very pleased to welcome two new undergraduate student interns to our team, RJ Loyd and Brandon Cleary.

We also want to thank our spring semester interns! English majors Michelle Kim and Amelia Gay helped us with many projects last spring, despite the limitations that the Covid-19 pandemic placed on in-person meetings and events. They conducted interviews, explored infographics for communicating data, facilitated our partnership with the English department’s science writing class, helped us draft a Wikipedia article about the Center for Communicating Science, wrote stories for this newsletter, and compiled a list of Science Communication and Communicating Science programs across the country. All of the resources they generated will find their way to you, our community. We wish Amelia and Michelle all the best!

This semester’s interns are already hard at work. They jumped right in and began writing, editing, proofreading, and tracking down information. If you’ve been at Science on Tap, you may have met them there. Here they introduce themselves:

RJ Loyd:

Hi! My name is RJ Loyd. I am a senior majoring in physics and professional and technical writing. When I graduate, I hope to work in science communication and education. I’m very excited to intern with the Center for Communicating Science, and I hope to help them further science communication here at Virginia Tech and develop my science communication skills. Outside of school I enjoy reading comic books and embroidering.

This photos shows a young white person with blond hair wearing a dark sweater or jacket.
Center for Communicating Science student intern Brandon Cleary. Photo courtesy of Brandon Cleary.

Brandon Cleary:

Hi everyone! My name is Brandon Cleary and I am a senior professional and technical writing major here at Virginia Tech. After many ventures into various studies between multiple schools, I finally found my home in the English department and I am delighted to share and shape my skills with the Center for Communicating Science this semester. I have always been fascinated by and involved with the arts and at Tech, it seems nearly impossible to evade an interest in science so I’m excited to intern for the center and work with these ideas firsthand. I’m also hoping to see how I can apply science communication to the field of technical writing to broaden my horizons in a dynamic and innovative work environment. Outside of work and academics, I spend time finding new music and engaging with the healing symbiosis of nature and writing.

Welcome, RJ and Brandon! We look forward to working with you this semester.


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