Center Welcomes New Undergraduate Interns

We are pleased to welcome two new undergraduate student interns to our team—and we want to thank our fall semester interns, Sarah Propst and Catherine Watling! You’ve read their work in this newsletter and benefited from behind-the-scenes labor they committed to our Science Videos for Kids YouTube playlist. The time and effort they put into helping the Center for Communicating Science with its work is much appreciated, especially in the midst of a global pandemic and during a semester that all of us found to be stressful in new ways. Thanks, Catherine and Sarah!

Our new interns introduce themselves here:

This photo shows the head and shoulders of a female Asian American college student with long dark hair and wearing a lacy white top and a necklace.
Senior Michelle Kim. Photo courtesy of Michelle Kim.

Hi! My name is Michelle Kim, and I am a senior majoring in English. I was drawn to the Center for Communicating Science for its innovative and multifaceted approach to science and the ways in which we can work through global issues together. As an English major, whose concentration is seemingly on the other side of the academic spectrum, I find myself invigorated by and invested in the ideas the center and other researchers are proposing, especially when it comes to issues like climate change. During my time here, I hope to learn more about the ways in which I also can contribute to science communication, despite having a different academic background.

I am currently involved in Virginia Tech’s undergraduate Asian-American population as Vice President External of the Asian American Student Union. I also participate in the student art-literary magazine Silhouette, which aligns with my career interests of editing and publishing. In my free time, I like to paint, practice photography, and read.

This photo shows the head and shoulders of a female Caucasian college student with long blond hair dressed in a maroon blouse.
Junior Amelia Gay. Photo courtesy of Amelia Gay.

Amelia Gay

Hi there! My name is Amelia Gay, and I am currently a junior at Virginia Tech double majoring in English and Professional and Technical Writing. I’m on the Pre-education track in my English degree and hope to one day become a high school English teacher. I currently work at the Virginia Tech Writing Center, where I help students with brainstorming, writing, and editing papers. I’m excited to intern with the Center for Communicating Science and combine my love of writing with the wonders of science! Aside from school and work, I’m an avid runner and a member of the Virginia Tech Clay Target Team.

A warm welcome to both Amelia and Michelle!


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