Steering Committee, Advisory Board Expand Center Capacities

This photo shows many dozens of tulips in an array of colors.
We offer these flowers in gratitude to our steering committee and advisory board members. Thanks so much for your support! Photo credit: John-Mark Smith

During this time of the coronavirus pandemic, as we all obey stay-at-home orders, practice social (physical) distancing, wear masks, and develop deep and abiding relationships with Zoom, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on two groups of human beings whose ideas, energy, perspective, and guidance are essential to the Center for Communicating Science.

Our steering committee was chartered to provide us with input from university leaders in the arts, humanities, and sciences; from those who represent the needs of both graduate and undergraduate students; from those who can steer our mission to support communication and our mission the help people connect across differences of all kinds; and from the director of our parent organization, the Institute for Society, Culture, and Environment. Our current steering committee members, who meet with us twice a year, and support us every day, are

  • Karen Roberto, University Distinguished Professor and Director of the Institute for Society, Culture and Environment
  • Karen DePauw, Vice President and Dean for Graduate Education
  • Laura Belmonte, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences
  • Daniel Breslau, Head, Department of Science and Technology in Society
  • Brian Britt, Interim Director, School of Performing Arts
  • Steve Holbrook, Department Head, Department of Geosciences
  • Rachel Holloway, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs
  • Sally Morton, Dean of the College of Science
  • Menah Pratt-Clarke, Vice Provost for Inclusion and Diversity
  • Lesley Yorke, Senior Director of Communications (designee of Tracy Vosburgh, Senior Associate Vice-President for University Relations)

Our advisory board meets with us quarterly to help us think through specific questions, increases the visibility and value of the center, and advocates with both external and internal stakeholders. Its members include faculty, graduate students, people who have participated in trainings or workshops offered by the center, and representatives from external partners or potential partners, including community members. The questions, perspectives, insights, and collaborations that our advisory board members bring to us are invaluable. Our current members are

  • Katie Burke, Editor, American Scientist
  • Jenni Case, Department Head, Engineering Education, College of Engineering
  • Susan Chen, Graduate Student, Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
  • Bennett Grooms, Graduate Student, Fish and Wildlife Conservation
  • Bruce Hull, Senior Fellow and Professor of Sustainability, College of Natural Resources and Environment
  • Shernita Lee, Director, Office of Recruitment, Diversity and Inclusion, Graduate School
  • Todd Schenk, Assistant Professor, School of Public and International Affairs, College of Architecture and Urban Studies
  • Bob Whiton, Alumni of VT, Community member, Chemist, Beekeeper

Where we would be—all of us—without our human connections? We are grateful every day for the support, guidance, and inspiration  these humans provide for the work of the center.

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