Research a la Mode Looking for New Graduate Student Facilitator

This illustration shows the Research a la Mode logo, which includes Research a la Mode, Research with Ice Cream on Top, Enjoy free ice cream during the talk, and Come support graduate students learning to communicate their science.
Research a la Mode is a combination that can’t be beat: science and ice cream!

Are you looking for an opportunity to help yourself and others build science communication skills? Research a la Mode needs a new facilitator.

Research a la Mode is a seminar series started several years ago by geosciences graduate student Lisa Whalen. Many thanks to Lisa, who has kept the program running since 2016! It is now in need of a new graduate student facilitator.

A monthly venue for graduate students from different departments to come together and hear a talk by one of their peers, Research a la Mode gives graduate students an opportunity to practice communicating their research to an audience that is unfamiliar with their discipline, Whalen says. The experience helps them reduce reliance on technical jargon and simplify and clarify their presentations. She started the program with the goal of helping graduate students become better teachers, researchers, and communicators.

And yes, the “a la mode” part means ice cream is served at every talk! Research a la Mode talks have been held in the Museum of Geosciences, which is happy to continue hosting the program.

What would the work of running such a project include? Recruiting speakers, scheduling the space, advertising events, and working with speakers to help them shift from their typical within-discipline presentation style to a more public-audience format.

Research a la Mode founder Lisa Whalen is happy to provide information about how to run the program. Contact her at if you’d like to lead this project.

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