Center Welcomes Student Interns

The Center for Communicating Science will have two student interns for fall semester.

Kendall Daniels

A new undergraduate student intern, Kendall Daniels, from Mechanicsville, Virginia, will join us this semester. A major in professional and technical writing, Daniels plans to be a science writer when she graduates.

“I have always had a love for science, but I recently discovered a newfound desire to share my passions and research with others, specifically the public,” Daniels says. “With the current distrust in journalism and social media, I feel as though it is my duty to remove that distrust by providing accurate and clear information to the public.”

Daniels, whose course list includes a number of classes in the college of science as well as her major coursework in the English department, is also minoring in medicine and society to provide herself with different perspectives on science and medicine. She has volunteered at LewisGale Hospital and served as a research assistant in psychology, conducting telephone interviews and assisting with research in other ways.

Luci Finucan

And we’re delighted to have Luci Finucan back on board with us this fall. Finucan, a physics major with experience in museum outreach, worked with us last semester, helping with social media, organizing workshops, videotaping presentations, and more. Finucan spent the summer as an intern at COSI, the Center of Science and Industry in Columbus, Ohio. As part of her work at COSI, she interviewed 20 science educators and compiled their words of wisdom into a booklet titled “How to Talk to the Public about Science,” which we will be making available on our website.

Filled with tips for preparing, presenting, and reviewing a presentation, Finucan’s booklet ends with this encouragement: “Science communication is a skill, not a talent! It requires practice, and the best science communicators are constantly evolving and changing. It’s okay to mess up, but it’s not okay to give up.”

Welcome, Luci and Kendall! We look forward to working with you this fall.

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