Science Writing Collaboration Provides Experience to Undergrads, Grads

Undergraduate students in a science writing class visited graduate student researchers in their labs as part of a writing assignment.

A collaboration this spring with Allison Hutchison, instructor in the English department, Cassandra Hockman, faculty fellow for the Center for Communicating Science, Chris Valluzzo, multi-media director and producer with TLOS (Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies), and CCS student intern Nicole Elbin has provided the opportunity for undergraduate students to conduct interviews of researchers–and for graduate student researchers to be interviewed one-on-one and in a video recording studio.

Undergraduate students enrolled in Science Writing, ENGL 4824, interviewed Nutshell Games participants and other graduate student researchers who have been involved with the center’s work.  Hockman, with help from CCS student intern Nicole Elbin, provided editing and feedback. Students also are creating group final projects, incorporating video clips and more from their semester of work. Watch for their stories on the upcoming Research Stories tab on our website and for their projects on our Twitter account.

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