Center for Communicating Science is Helping Grow VT-Shaped Students and Faculty

Members of the Center for Communicating Science at Virginia Tech are enjoying expanding the center’s engagement all around the Blacksburg campus and in the National Capitol Region. We’ve recently provided a brief introduction to collaboration for a Destination Area stakeholders’ group, are currently in conversation with the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences about faculty-development offerings, and have been invited to contribute in significant ways to the Advancing the Human Condition symposium to be held at the end of November, 2017.

Our lively and participatory introductory Communicating Science workshop series continues to be in high demand. Already this fall we’ve conducted sessions with John Matson’s chemistry lab, exhibitors for the Virginia Tech Science Festival, and participants in the Nutshell Games who will use their enhanced approaches in the games on November 4 at the Moss Arts Center. With an eye toward the future, we are partnering on several initiatives and grant proposals on topics of graduate education, global food security, and social innovation.

Throughout the spring semester we will present new workshop series tailored to faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students. Some of the topics we look forward to exploring with the campus include Science Outreach, Data Visualization, Visual Communication, Writing for the Public, and Distilling Your Message.

We are also in the initial stages of planning a fun and engaging event that will take place in late February or early March. We are in negotiations with “Earth’s Premiere Science Comedian” Brian Malow. Malow will perform and also facilitate a conversation with several of Virginia Tech’s faculty about scientists’ place in society.

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