Off-Campus Workshops Fun and Educational–for us!

This spring we facilitated several off-campus workshops, and each opportunity has helped us refine our goals and methods, learn more about what works well for various groups, and introduce to a wider community the idea of using improvisation exercises and other arts practices to develop communication skills. And we’ve had a lot of fun!

In February, we held a communicating science workshop for the Virginia chapter of the Wildlife Society. Participants spent three hours with us on the afternoon preceding their annual conference and returned for another shorter session the following morning.

In April, center director Patty Raun spent two days at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, leading workshops in connecting with students, leadership, empathy, and communicating across difference for faculty in the social sciences and library.

In May, center associate director Carrie Kroehler traveled to the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda to do a short workshop for scientists attending the Mid-Atlantic Mitosis Meetings, hosted by the American Society for Cell Biology.

(article written by Carrie Kroehler)

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