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  • July 02 2015: Lego and Lego Land Visit

    Posted on July 7th, 2015 prashanth No comments

    July 1 2015 was a travel day. We had a bus breakdown and we ended up spending 3-4 hours in a parking lot 1.5 hours from Kolding, Denmark. Luckily it was just after our lunch. We all played card games. Someone in the group had a tennis ball, we found a small branch and we played “Baseball”. The temperature in the region was just perfect. We reached our hotel in Kolding @~7:50PM. Kolding is a very small town; we had dinner in the hotel and went to bed very early.

    LEGO is an interesting company, LEGO is one of my favorite companies and I wanted to understand more about their business. LEGO plant that we visited in Denmark has ~800 employees. The LEGO facility that we visited manufactures and maintains inventories for different LEGO components.  We were given a tour of LEGO factory and warehouse. LEGO factory is highly automated, they have 64 machines running 24*7 and 2 operator are able to manage the operations!!! This factory can manufacture up to 3000 shapes in 60 different colors.

    We all were given a LEGO task to be completed in the meeting room. We were told that the LEGO puzzle that we were given was designed for 7+ years old kids. It took forever for me to put the LEGO together. However the LEGO challenge kept me engaged the entire time. Plastic toy industry is very competitive. I was impressed by the fact that LEGO profit margin was~33%.

    After the LEGO production facility visit we went to LEGO land, theme park by LEGO group. The theme park is small compared to Six Flags in the US. All the rides and attractions in the theme park is designed mostly for kids. We enjoyed couple of rides and my favorite ride was Polar Land roller coaster ride.

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