Learning in 2006 vs 2016

In 2006, I dropped a computing course, because I could not follow the pace of the class. Even though the professor answered my questions, I easily forgot the answers, and I was tired of asking the same questions again and again. It was my third time to fail or drop a class related to computing, and these experiences became a big complex about my computer skills afterwards. During the professional experiences, my computer skills that I had suffered in learning were improved, I thought that the improvements were a fruit of my hard working which could be a happy ending. However, other computer programs have appeared since 2006 that made me face even more challenges than before while I still had a bad memory, and was reluctant to learn the new skills. I wanted to overcome my computer phobia, and it was one of the reasons that led me to return to academia.

When I started my first semester after several years of working, I realized that the definition of learning had been changed from ten years ago. When I took a computing class, the professor said that the goal of a class today is learning how to learn during your whole life rather than transferring a fixed knowledge. She also said that she was really slow in learning computer, but she could self-learn the skills that she teaches now with the support of YouTube and learning communities on the website. Thus, if she could learn the skills, all of us should be able to master them. Her comments were encouraging to me, and she was right. I could not follow the class sometimes, but the video tutorial assignments helped me to cover the missing parts. The advantage of the video was that I could replay the difficult parts again and again without feeling guilty, and the materials were easy to find in Google. The interesting point was that the professor in the 2006 class was a high-level expert compared to the professor in the 2016 class, but the latter class was much more helpful for me.

After taking this class, I do not have computer phobia anymore. Nothing is changed, I still cannot remember the things I learned, but whenever I face a barrier in learning, I know that the answer is out there, which will come to me soon. Now, I practice new software regularly by using YouTube or Lynda and enjoy communicating with anonymous people in learning communities. Learning new software is not a painful process for me as before, I finally liberated from the burden of computing!