suggestions to Unix class

I think some methods that I’ve had from previous teachers would work for this class since it only meets once a week and can almost be considered as an online class or close to it.  I think videos could help in this class and it helps students learn material in an faster way with potentially more in depth explanations. There could also be videos on exercises and how to do them.  I believe this will help students with their homeworks.   Other than that i think this class was very well planned out with the assignments and the online lecture slides.

Christmas break

Every students and teachers long awaited break that they all yearn for.  Who doesn’t like home cooked meals and presents to wake up to on December 25th, or for 7 days straight if your Jewish   Everyone can relax and enjoy their family and friends’ company before they all go their separate ways (work, school, etc.).  It gives students and teachers a much needed break so they can start a new semester rejuvenated and ready to work.

group project

Our group members have been friends for over a year and we work very well together.  I think this is better than having random members in a group because the communication would not be the same.  We communicate freely and if someone is extremely busy with tests or homework that week, we offer to pick up his slack to help them out.  So far we have split up the tasks to who works best with each other and where each person’s strength is.