Everyone’s a Poet


Ants are small creatures

each ant doing their job well

so the queen’s happy

(queen = entire OS ; ant = program)


It started out rough

because I had never used Linux, it made homework tough

but thanks to Google and the exercises, i was out of my misery

No thanks to python and it’s mysteries

I was able to finish my homework and other stuff

thanksgiving break

I personally can’t wait for thanksgiving break even if it is only a week.  That week is a much needed break for students and faculty to relax from college and work.  I think it is great timing because it is right before finals so the students come back to college rejuvenated and ready to finish off the semester.  I think a break for all students is crucial and i believe there is positive outcomes from it also (grades).

using make

using make is a great method for large scale software.  It keeps track of file dependencies and it also keeps track of which file has been altered.  It determines which piece or pieces of a large scale program needs to be recompiled.  It can be used with any programming language which makes it very versatile.  It is not used for just programs, it can also be used with other files or directories.